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    The Third Step to Buying a Calgary Home: Lifestyle

    Buying a Home in Calgary is Also About Determining Your Lifestyle

    You may be single right now. Maybe you are looking for that perfect someone to share your life with. Maybe you have kids. Maybe you are planning on having kids in the future. Maybe you plan on never adding to your family.

    This blog post is a continuation of our series of the 5 Essential Things Buyer’s Need to Know Before Purchasing a Calgary Home

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    One of these scenarios probably describes you to a ‘T’.

    Where you are at in life right now, may not be where you are going to be in 5, 10 or 15 years from now, this is a given. Only you know the kind of lifestyle that you are living at this point and what will be must haves in that future home you are looking to purchase.

    If you don’t want to read on, watch our CEO Darren Langille in the video below:


    Your Lifestyle Will Dictate Your Location

    Calgary LifestyleThis is the truth.

    If you work downtown and want a property that requires very little work, you are likely to be a condo dweller.

    Love being in the outdoors but work downtown? Maybe you are an inner-city or an urban dweller with a yard and a good sized lot to grow a garden but still close enough to the core that it isn’t a 45 minute commute every day.

    What if you want to be close to the mountains and commuting to work is just something that has to happen until you don’t have to do that work thing anymore? Good news, there’s a place for you too.

    The point is, wherever you are in life, whatever lifestyle you are living right now, it will dictate where you are going to live.

    Should We Plan Ahead?

    When we work with a young couple we always suggest to look into the future to see where they will be 5 years from today. For some it is tough, for others, it helps to gain clarity on what they truly want and need in a home.

    If you are closer to retirement age and the kids are out of the house, it helps to looking 5-10 years ahead to see if that 2 Storey home is necessary anymore. Maybe a bungalow or a villa maybe more suitable at this point.

    Things typically fall into place for people that are planned. That have strategy behind what they do especially when it comes to buying real estate.

    Taking the time to plan out the steps, look into the future, and take that into account in the here and now is a big part of the process when buying a home.

    What Does the Neighbourhood Have to Offer

    One of the easiest things to determine is what each neighbourhood has to offer the lifestyle that you live right now and how that neighbourhood might be able to support your change in lifestyle in the future.

    It’s easy, just take an afternoon and spend some time in each ‘hood getting to know it. This is something that a lot of buyers just don’t do. They find the house in an area that they ‘think’ they might like and then when they get to the house, they realize they don’t like the neighbourhood.

    In planning ahead, we suggest spending some time getting to know each neighbourhood you have expressed an interest in. Drive it. Walk it. Do your online due diligence around that ‘hood.

    If you know the lifestyle that you live, the neighbourhood will be an easy find. Finding the right house, however, well that is a blog post for another day.


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    Kelley Skar

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